Elegance, exclusiveness, refined details: these are the trademarks of the kitchen areas that Pedini has designed for Wider Superyachts 150 and 165 (two top-range models, 45-50 metres).

Kitchen areas that stand out on account of their outstanding refinement, created with Wider in mind, custom-made for yachts that are among the best-known in the world.

A unique kitchen brand, Pedini has been selected by the yacht-making Group and other prestigious made-in-Italy brands to make the sea-life experience one-of-a-kind, with every possible comfort and enveloped in an atmosphere of remarkable charm.

“We are on the lookout for the most interesting materials and we choose partners who share our concept of innovation in order to deliver impeccable excellence – quality, in one word”. It is so that  Wider summarizes its philosophy and the reasons that led to the specific choice of partners such as Pedini.

“We have met the challenge to use up the space available intelligently so as to better bring luxury and functions together, providing special solutions to the technical needs of onboard furnishings,” states Daniele Radi, president of Pedini S.p.a. “Wider is a company at the forefront, and an understanding between them and us was inevitable, because we both represent the made-in-Italy excellence throughout the world”.