Pedini will be an ambassador of the Made in Italy elegance and technology for Design Week Mexico, at its tenth edition this year, from 10 to 14 October.

Inside the EXPO – REFORMA exhibit area in Mexico City, the company will present the best of its creations for the kitchen, while with its three main country dealers (Pedini San Angel, Pedini La Herradura, Pedini Lomas) has joined “Ruta del Diseno” to welcome international architects and designers in the city, which has been named World Design Capital for 2018.

In the next days another great event, the Worldwide Biennial of Interior Design and Landscape (WWBID 2018), has elected Pedini as a symbol of innovation in Italian design for the kitchen, alongside other selected national furniture brands, for the B2B meetings organized by the CIDI (Consejo Iberoamericano de Disenadores de Interiores) in Mexico City at the leading architectural studios, with the collaboration of Universidad Iberoamericana and the participation of very important guests including the Italian Ambassador in Mexico.


10-14 October: Ruta del Diseno
12-14 October: EXPO REFORMA Stand 25
22-25 October: WWIBD 2018, b2b meetings